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 What We Do Differently

We are biased toward conservative therapy.  This means we may discuss many options for treatment, but we generally recommend the simplest approach possible.

We concentrate on health.  Our experience has shown that when we eliminate unhealthy conditions, like cavities or infections, most people need very little dental treatment afterwards.  We like that!

We make it convenient for customers to visit our office by offering appointments every day of the week (Monday through Friday) and by accepting all insurance plans. 

For all of our "germ-a-phobic" friends, we want you to know that each and every instrument we use is either discarded or sterilized after each use.  This includes mirrors, drills, x-ray holders, and all of those other little gadgets we use.  We go so far as to put new sanitized barriers for each patient on the x-ray machines, hoses, tubing, light switches, and we even wrap the dental chair that you sit in with clean plastic covers.

We reserve ample time to focus on each customer's needs.  This means each person gets our undivided attention without being rushed.  This also means that since we stay on schedule, we don't keep customers waiting unnecessarily.

We also recognize that the cost of dental and medical care is significant, especially in today's economy.  Because of this, we work closely with each customer to ensure that the treatment we recommend is safe, dependable, cost-effective, and tailored to fit his or her budget.  We even call each insurance company personally to help each of our customers estimate their available insurance benefits.

We are happy to provide our customers with a written cost estimate before beginning any treatment.













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